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Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains and winter playground to millions of people every year, is also the home of millions of cellular phone service subscribers; as it has been for many years now. Though known most commonly for its ski hills and snowboarding runs, Colorado’s economy is made up a great deal from other sectors as well, such as a high concentration of high-technology and scientific research industries.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the cellular phone has become such an integral part of Colorado’s culture, especially in its three largest cities, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora, where the high tech industries are most prolific.

Not only is cell phone use important and popular today, but it has been since the beginning of the millennium. In the year 2000, the population of the state of Colorado was 4,301,261, according to the U.S. Census. At the same time, the number of cellular phone service subscribers in Colorado was 1,654,989, so that 38 percent of the population of that state was already subscribing to some form of mobile phone service.

Six years later, the population of the state had risen by 10.5 percent to 4,753,377, and the number of cellular phone service subscribers had risen by over 51 percent to 3,442,153. Therefore, in 2006, 72 percent of the population of Colorado was subscribing to cell phone service.

Although cell phone communication continues to play an important role in Colorado, especially in its largest cities – Denver, Aurora, and Colorado Springs – Colorado has yet to create a state-wide cell phone number directory that can be searched by people who need to reach others through their cell phones.

Sites such as can help users to search for the cell phone number, name, address, and even cell phone provider for the person whose cellular phone number they are searching. Using that site provides searchers with the Colorado cell phone number search directory that is lacking in the state itself. A highly useful tool in a state so heavily dependent on cellular phone communication.

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