The Colorado Manufactured Home – A Little Slice of Heaven

If you’ve been a visitor to the Rocky Mountain State, or even if you’ve been fortunate enough to have lived there, for a while, you may dream of the day when you could return to Colorado for good. But during the real estate boom of the early 2000’s, home prices in Colorado rose more quickly than those in almost every other part of the US, and even the current housing market slump may not put an existing Colorado home within your financial reach. Is there a solution?

There very well may be, and it’s a Colorado manufactured home. The sections of your Colorado manufactured home will be pre-assembled at the modular home manufacturing plant, and shipped to wherever in Colorado your building lot is located. You , or the construction crew your contractor hires, will assemble your Colorado manufactured home in a matter of days, and that reduced construction time will mean significant savings on the price of your completed home.

Colorado Manufactured Home Standards

The United States is home to several very different climate zones, any American-made manufactured home has to withstand all kinds of weather extremes. Owners of manufactured homes in the Mississippi Valley, for instance, need homes which can stand up to violent thunderstorms while those who live on the Gulf Coast need a home which can handle hurricane-force winds. The California coast is prime earthquake country, so manufactured homes there should be constructed to meet earthquake resistant standards.

Any manufactured home must meet all the codes of the municipality in which it will be built, and in Colorado, Colorado manufactured homes need to have roofs capable of handling the weight of heavy snows. Your manufactured Colorado home, in other words, will have to meet exactly the same building safety standards as a traditional Colorado home.

The Colorado Manufactured Home And Energy Efficiency

The sweeping open ranges and majestic Rockies of Colorado make it one of the most spectacular places to live in the entire United States. But those same open ranges and majestic Rockies can also experience some of the harshest winter weather in the c country, so any Colorado manufactured home must be able to withstand weeks of sub-freezing temperatures.

All manufactured homes are built with individual blocks which fit together with computer-calculated precision, making them impervious to outside drafts and also preventing the warm or cool inside air from escaping. This feature will make your colorado manufactured home comfortably warm in the depths of winter, and keep it pleasantly cool when the August sun is beating down on the Colorado plains.And your low energy bills will reflect your home’s energy efficiency!

What this means is that you can go ahead and request a Colorado manufactured home with all the windows you need to be able to surround yourself with that “English-language-bankrupting” Colorado scenery!

Source by Thomas C. Hose

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