How To Save A Lot Of Money On Dentures In Colorado

Buying dentures is not cheap anymore by any means. The average cost of an elderly denture alone is over $ 1250.00 (national average 2005 survey) and most dental insurance does not cover denture because it's considered to be cosmetic. So what does a person have to do in order to find affordable dentures? Well, one excellent option is called a discount dental plan.

Discount dental plans do not work like insurance does. These dental plans simply offer you a big discount (up to 60%) off of the usual cost of regular dental care. They are an excellent dental care option because, unlike insurance which will not cover any condition that is considered to be “pre-existing”, you can still get a substantial discount if you need to be seen for an existing problem.

Here's an example of a discount dental plan and how it will work in your favor. This example is going to be from the state of Colorado in the Denver area, zip code 80015, which is actually the suburb of Aurora. The cost of an upper denture using this particular discount plan in Aurora is only $ 694.00, a savings of $ 556.00 off the average national cost. Of course, this savings may be more or less where you live. Also, this estimate is based on high grade dentures, not cheap material.

The cost of joining a plan like this one is only $ 100.00 per year or $ 150.00 for a family. You'll also continue to save money each time you go to the dentist for the entire year. Vision a pharmacy benefits are even available with some plans, as well as cosmetic dentistry. If you're in need of dentures and the cost has been an issue, you should take a look at getting a discount dental plan. There's a good chance that it just may be your best option.

Source by Joe Stewart

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