Five (5) Safety Tips To Think About During A Movie Night Out At A Theatre

Remember the 2012 Colorado cinema shooting? It happened to others, it can happen to us.

If you are not so familiar with the tragedy, it was July 20, 2012 when a gunman set off tear gas grenades, used multiple firearms and shot the audience of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado in the US. This had led to the death of 12 people and injuries of around 70 others. The film being played then was the batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”.

How To Remain Safe During A Movie Night Out At A Theatre

While rampant crime is everywhere, thankfully, we have not experienced the same scenario in our cinemas in the Philippine. However, it is always best to be ready in case a similar event or a tragic situation happens in the future.

Learn how to stay safe every time you go for a movie trip in the Philippine shopping malls. Here are five (5) tips to help you out.

1. Do not go alone. Have a companion whenever you feel like watching a film or two. Be it a friend, relative, colleague or beau, always see to it that you have somebody with you. You will never know when the perpetrators will strike.

2. Come prepared. Have a pepper spray available for reach anytime. Keep your mobile phone on a vibrate mode. Setup speed dials that will notify the authorities on emergency cases. Do not forget to bring a small flashlight to guide you through the dark.

3. Assess the interior of the theatre. Look for possible escape routes. Where is the nearest exit? Can you sit by next to it? Are the exterior doors locked on the outside to ensure that no unauthorized person can sneak inside without notice? How many fire escapes are there?

4. Go to the restroom in pairs. While you’re doing your own thing, make sure that your companion eyes the entrance. Do the same when it is his or her turn for a bathroom break.

5. Pay attention to the surroundings. It is understandable if you’ll be glued to the big screen. After all, you are there to enjoy a good flick. But then again, it will not hurt to be extra observant – are the aisles clear like no purses or bags clogging the way? Is there a particular person who leaves his place more than 3x in a span of 30 or 40 minutes? Make a mental note of those who come in and out and which direction they come from. Most of all, be alert of any unusual activity.

Source by Josh Solis Mercado

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