The Four Reasons Why Denver is a Plastic Surgery Center

1. Denver is the epicenter of an important growth area for this country. From a demographer's perspective, the Denver – Aurora metro area has over two and a half million residents. Expand the metro area to include Boulder (and it does) and you are at three million residents. Denver is a good sized cosmopolitan city, claiming the tenth largest downtown shopping district. Its days as a Rocky Mountain cow town are long gone.

All that growth and wealth means that Denver is a self-sufficient urban area providing every service and product that any modern US resident could want. That includes cosmetic plastic surgery, which is well represented in the medical services provided in the Denver Area.

2. The University of Colorado's medical school is based there. While it is physically located in Aurora, it is part of the University of Colorado at Denver. It is the only medical school within five hundred miles and its graduate residents work in a number of Denver acute care facilities.

It is the largest medical school between Chicago, Texas and the West Coast. Plastic surgery is part of the curriculum at the Aurora campus; Colorado is generating its own crop of plastic surgeons that are taught and trained in Denver.

3. Boulder contributions depth and breadth to Denver's social structure. Boulder is very much a part of the Denver metro area. The University of Colorado has its major campus there; it has long been a haven for artists, retirees and Coloradans who enjoy the relaxed lifestyle.

Boulder has its own selection of clinicians, medical centers and spas that provide many cosmetic treatments and procedures. The collision of affluence and a contemporary lifestyle make Boulder one of those places where cosmetic surgery is a mainstream pursuit.

4. Denver's outdoor lifestyle contributes to the importance of physical condition and appearance. Coloradans in general take advantage of the Rockies for both winter and summer sports. Sports injuries probably contribute to the high number of plastic surgeons in the Denver area; broken ankles and hands often need reconstructive surgery.

Denver and Boulder also provide medical support to Aspen, Vail and many other ski resorts. These areas provide an additional affluent population that provide cosmetic surgeons clients with high standards. The result is a general elevation of cosmetic surgery services throughout the metro area.

Source by Mary Hart

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