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Chili's Grill & Bar

Slow service but great food!

I ate here yesterday so it would have been a Sunday. The place was packed and the service was SLOW! It was worth the wait thoug because the food ended up being great as it was alos steaming hot!!! read more

Chili's Grill & Bar

Great Place!

Good food and decent service. Prices aren't bad and its an overall good place to eat. Sometimes it can take a while to get your food but sometimes your in and out in like five minutes! I eat here about once a month. read more

Chipotle Mexican Grill

What's the secret to Chipotle's success? They offer the absolute greatest $5 value meal in the state. We love their wraps filled, like pizza-sized burritos, with such tasty offerings as nicely charred steak and marinated chicken breast to… read more

Pitchers Sports Restaurant

Not Bad

Great bar to sit and have a conversation with friends. No pressure to dance, which can be really nice. The music gets a little loud for conversation and the service isn't that great. Seems like a slightly older crowd (think late 30s, early… read more

Pitchers Sports Restaurant

Fun Place

They have a pretty good happy hour, and the staff is friendly once you get to know them a bit, as with anyplace. The breakfast burrito is big enough to share and good green chile. The BLT is served on a croissant which is piled with… read more

Gibby's Sports Saloon

Great little neighborhood bar

I really like this place. It's a nice casual laid-back atmosphere and good food, drink, and company. Sometimes they have live music, and trivia night is pretty fun. Would definitely go more if it was closer to my house. read more

Gibby's Sports Saloon

Pleased Diner

Fun place to relax, enjoy good food and snacks and watch some TV. Was a great treat and fun night out. read more

Gibby's Sports Saloon

Gibby's sport bar

Gibby's is the best place to socialize and meet new friends. They also have nightly volleyball matches. read more

Gibby's Sports Saloon

Great Improvement

SERVICE UPDATE!\r \r I said I'd give them another chance, so I did for a quick. I was pleasantly surprised to find the same bartender/server that was previously unattentive and she was great! Very accommodating and kept my coffee full. … read more

Dora's Mexican Restaurant

Okay. That's about it for this one. Definitely...

Okay. That's about it for this one. Definitely not as good as I remembered it 10 years ago. It was... read more

Outback Aurora

Outback Steakhouse is a wonderful family-friendly dining establishment that serves up an extensive dinner menu. The Australian-themed restaurant is ki... read more

L O C K Smith


Locked my keys in my car one Saturday night … Called up this locksmith they came out in a flash the service was SUPER!! From start to finish …. read more

L O C K Smith

I'm glad these guys understood the situation!

Quickly thinking about how I can keep an ex out of the house, I called these guys up to change the locks on the door. They were here pretty fast and did the job well. The prices could have been better, (it could have been free!) but I… read more

L O C K Smith

I highly recommend just using these guys.

I locked the keys in the car up on main street, and I called these guys and they said they would be 30 minutes. I didn’t want to wait.So i called these other people and they said 40 minutes to an hour! Long story short, after 20 minutes… read more

L O C K Smith

On a list of a million, i picked out these guys!

Making a key for a lock shouldn’t be difficult. But i was told that it would probably be cheaper to have the lock rekeyed. I mean I guess there isn’t too much of a difference in the result. I don’t know if the guy was telling me the… read more

L O C K Smith

You don't need to look any further!

There is no way in the world that I could have known that a high security lock was impossible to open without drilling it out! Then I had to pay to replace the damn thing! And HOLY EXPENSIVE BATMAN! But I guess it is what it is... read more

L O C K Smith


I had these other guys come out and open my door a few weeks back. but they charged me way too much money. This time I decided to go with these people. They were much nicer and faster than the other clowns. I had my door open within 30… read more

Casa Vallarta Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar

CASA VALLARTE-Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are ever stranded overnight in Denver, this is the place to go.\r My wife and I were not disappointed when driven to this authentic Mexican delight while stranded overnight due to snow.\r This appears to be a family owned and run… read more

Casa Vallarta Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar

The greatest!!

We love Casa Vallarta! As a family, it is one of the first places that we typically consider to eat at when we are going out for dinner. The staff are always friendly and the service great. Typically from the door to food on our table… read more

Casa Vallarta Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Overall we liked the restaurant

We ate at Casa Vallarta for the first time in January 2010. Overall, I liked it although I was not brought the combo meal I had requested. I didn't say anything--just went ahead and ate what I got. My meal wasn't quite hot enough, but… read more

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