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Colorado Ski & Golf

Great store

I really like this store. It carries a lot of different brands and has good selections. The customer service is good because they have knowledge in their products. I had to return an item last year because a part came loose and the… read more

Colorado Ski & Golf

CO Ski & Golf "Return Policy" & "Customer Service"

First off, their HUGE advertisment claiming 100% Performance Guarantee is misleading. If you don't believe me, check your receipt next time, if they bother to put the fine print on it. I bought a pair of skis before SkiRex at a better… read more

Colorado Ski & Golf

Great prices, knowledegable staff

We were drawn to Colorado Ski & Golf when we were looking for new skis. A couple weeks beforehand, we suffered through the misery of renting skis and decided to go ahead and buy a set of skis. We went in on a Sunday and although it was… read more

Colorado Ski & Golf

CO Ski & Golf "Customer Service"

Last year I was after some boots for my wife. The sales rep for Tecnica was great, but when it came time to pay, the CO ski and golf manager at Aurora was a complete @$$hole when I tried showing him an internet price- Since they "claim"… read more

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